Letter to Dominion Power

May 29, 2015
Proposed intersection photoStone Ridge Association, Inc. is a large homeowners’ association of over 2,500 homes with over 9,000 residents.  On May 22, 2015 the association received notice of the Dominion Power’s application submission to the Virginia State Corporation Commission (SCC case number PUE-2015-00053) regarding the Poland Road Transmission and Substation Project and selection of the southern route along Route 50.


The Proposed Route and the Alternate Route B would impact the entire Route 50 frontage of the Stone Ridge community.  The Route 50 entrance serves not only as the main entrance to a large residential community, but also our Village Center shopping area, the Gum Springs library, Heath South rehabilitation center, and numerous other businesses located within the Stone Ridge subdivision.  The required 100’ utility easement would require the removal of the entire entrance landscape/hardscape features of our community including the front entrance fountain, storm water management pond, and all the trees landscaping the Route 50 frontage.  Millions of dollars have been spent to create and maintain this entrance since the inception of the community over 11 years ago.


Furthermore, our entrance fountain serves as the identity of Stone Ridge as evidenced by our logo on the letterhead, our Etched In Stone newsletter, and many signs throughout the neighborhood.  This entrance fountain was constructed before 99% of the houses in the community.  The replacement of our signature features with 110’ towers and 230kV power lines will effectively destroy our identity as a unique community and significantly affect real estate values for our current homeowners.


The Stone Ridge community has been and continues to be a strong supporter of development in the Dulles South that benefits our residents such as the widening of Route 50, Dulles South Multipurpose Center, and the new Stone Springs Hospital complex.  Much time and effort has been devoted to creating a cohesive development along the Route 50 corridor for the benefit of all who live, work, and shop here.  Stone Ridge Association cannot and will not support the destruction of such a large portion of that corridor for the benefit of a single entity.


By this letter, Stone Ridge Association requests reconsideration of the routing alternatives which take into account the current and future uses of the Route 50 corridor and the impact on Stone Ridge and the surrounding residential communities.  We will also be making this request to the VA State Corporation Commission and encouraging our 9,000 impacted residents to do the same.



The Board is currently doing research and developing a strategy with other boards on how to change the proposed route. When the strategy is developed within the next couple weeks, you will be called upon to help.  Please stay tuned for details ...

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